Recovery From Parkinson’s


“Count one more recovered patient, if you will…I must write and tell you how your free information has saved my life…It’s been a very long, painful, miraculous two years since I first ran across Janice Hadlock’s book on the Internet…” – P.W., Idaho

“I have been reading voraciously for the past several weeks. Thank you for this wealth of information and your ability to research and document it all.” – Lisa

“Dear Janice, thank you ever so much for your research. It made me so happy and pleased to come across a way to think about Parkinson in a way that goes somewhere, that felt right and that explains an uncountable amount of unexplainable questions and observations that I have about myself ALL my life!” – H.D., the Netherlands

For over twenty years, Dr. Janice Hadlock, DAOM, worked with hundreds of people with Parkinson’s and saw people recover. Her latest edition of this book shares the author’s original bafflement and eventual research discoveries that explained why, in response to specific treatments, her patients were recovering from an officially “incurable” syndrome. It explains the causes of Parkinson’s, how to diagnose which of the four types of Parkinson’s a person has, and directions on how to treat the different types.

The many case study examples in the book demonstrate how the four different types of Parkinson’s are set in motion and how patients responded to the treatments needed for each of the four types. The chapters covering the unique, counter-intuitive recovery symptoms that prove the recovering patients were not merely misdiagnosed, as their MDs have insisted, can serve as reassuring guideposts for a person who is recovering.
Also discussed is the abundance of research over the last twenty years that disproves the 1960s western medicine hypothesis of “dead dopamine cells.”
This book is also available for free download at the website of the non-profit, NGO Parkinson’s Recovery Project:

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