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This book teaches how to feel what a patient’s channel Qi is doing. The instructions include all the channel Qi-feeling exercises the author uses in the classroom. When you can feel the channel Qi you can know exactly where your patient’s channels are going amiss. You can know immediately if your treatment resolves the problem: no more relying on the imprecise Pattern diagnostics and the guesswork “point prescription” treatments that we are taught in school.

Several chapters explain how to create an elegant, simple, and powerful treatment that can immediately correct the channel aberrations that are causing your patients’ health problems.

The book includes maps of the channels for all four of the neurological modes recognized in the Nei Jing, not just the parasympathetic mode channel maps that we are taught in school. For that matter, many of the channel routings that we learn in school are somewhat incorrect…and you can prove this to yourself by learning to feel the flow of channel Qi.

Two chapters address the hows and whys of treating scar tissue. Other chapters cover the latest theories on what channel Qi actually is and how it influences the body’s chemistry, the organs, and the mind.

The book has information on the history of this medicine that helps explain so many of the internal contradictions. Direct quotes from the classics – with improved translations so they make actual medical sense – lined up side by side with principles of modern physics, reveal the ancient and long-buried quantum understanding of channels and of life itself.

The book is packed with drawings and case studies, many created or written up specifically for this new edition.

This revolutionary book, drawing on personal instruction from medical masters around the world, has been described as a 21stcentury resurrection of the essence of the Huang Ti Nei Jing, dispelling the error accumulations of centuries.



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