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Hacking Chinese Medicine is an introductory book that demystifies the vocabulary of Chinese medicine. It dispels the error accumulations of centuries of mistranslations and political alterations to this ancient medicine. This book is a must-read for any beginning student of Chinese medicine, or anyone who is mildly interested in what is meant by Yin and Yang, or Qi, or Damp. And for that matter, Lungs and Liver… which do not mean Lungs or Liver.

This book is temporarily unavailable in hard copy. Janice (Walton) Hadlock is changing publishers. She is aiming to have her books available again in hard copy by the end of August. As soon as the books are available, links for purchasing will be posted on this page. In the meantime, please do not order any books from the previous publisher, “Fastpencil”. Thank you for your patience.



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